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Because of a neurological disorder, I have often experienced blackouts, whiteouts and a sense of being absent, or moving to another place.

The mainly digital work in this show attempted to express this while also exploring the widely reported phenomenon of a sense of ‘connection with the universe’ at the onset of a neurological episode.

'all of a sudden, something seemed to open before him: a strange inner light flooded his soul'. The Idiot, Dostoevsky

2 private view.jpg

one person show, Canfas Gallery, Cardiff


I am very pleased to have collaborated - for the third time - with Maja Palser, Composer, on Linear Expansion (video projection with sound). Her artistic interests are similar to mine and her music and the animation combine to express visual and auditory disturbance and recreate the sense of distance from the real world that I often feel. (video below shows it playing in York)

Work shown here:

Ascension 1, the domestic wallpaper with rising cutout figure.

Ascension 2 (right)

life sized human figure in soil is reflected in the 'sky' above it

Ascension 3 Chakras


hogweed growing through a soil covered table from chakra points on a human shaped rug underneath

sky man.jpg
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